Free will, does she exist?

Free will, does she exist?

Let us look at the critters responsible for our thoughts and emotions.

You most likely have used the words; “I just had a gut feeling about it!“, if so, you were 100% correct. Today we take on the essence of looking at our emotions as a force of 39 trillion bacterial cells versus 30 trillion human cells, yup, we are more bacterial than human… could it be that there is no free will?

This could be a chicken and egg scenario. Is it our thoughts that create ‘things’, or could it be our ‘things’ that create our thoughts? There is an absolute understanding that thoughts create things, one of my favorite books written by Wallace D Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, is purely based on thoughts creating things. This is especially true when thoughts are driven by emotions, that then create beliefs that drive us to action and culminates in results, be they good or bad. Now if this premise can be taken as a possible reality, that it can be proved through personal experience, then the only questions left in my mind are;

  1. What or who creates our thoughts and emotions, and
  2. How important are the emotions that hold on to those thoughts?
Gut Bacteria - microbiome
Happy neighbor from Gut-City reporting for thought duty…

1. What or who creates our thoughts and emotions?

This is a question that can be answered scientifically, spiritually, subjectively and objectively. As I am the author, I have decided to answer it based on my gut – which could be seen as subjective of course. I have always advocated that everything, YES EVERYTHING in our body comes down to our gut, our little critters that have made home in a less than pleasant space, rule the roost from this position, be it our immunity (70% of the health of your immunity depends on the health of your gut city), or be it our emotions. Ever heard a child in distress (be it under pressure of school or a fight with a friend) state that they have an ‘upset tummy’?

We have always thought (really??) that we have free will, not so, scientists have determined that 7 seconds before making a move, you have already decided to. Now, why would that be? Well, firstly it has to do with self-preservation, fight or flight, our Neanderthal self steps in… I may add, if our survival purely depended on our personal response rate, I would most likely be dead. And secondly, we have a bucket load of bacteria who kinda like being in control for self-preservation too. Could it possibly be that your bacterial city – NOT YOU, decided it was time to down a glass of water, or eat a piece of citrus fruit, or walk away from an angry situation (a fight or flight response)? Possibly based on a ‘gut feel’? If we find ourselves as such intelligent beings, could it be that the actual intelligence comes from our bacteria and not our brain cells, that in fact, the bacteria IS the command centre and the brain; only the worker, the doer?

I picture human cells as a physical expression of thought but thought based on the energy, health, and environment (physical and spiritual) of your bacteria.

2. How important are the emotions that hold on to those thoughts?

So if we have no free will, and bacteria are the ones calling the shots, then do we own our emotions? Again, I see it this way, if I have 39 trillion children demanding sugar simultaneously, and I resist supplying the pure white and deadly, is it possible that there may be an emotional uprising, a crisis? Especially if of the 39 trillion, 30 trillion are not healthy bacteria, who flourish on sugar as a means of survival. Chances are thoughts will rush to the brain along the lines of; throw a tantrum, get angry, demand that pay rise after working 20 straight hours resulting in absolute exhaustion and get that bloody sugar drink in! Emotively done? I think so, at least 30 trillion emotive demands coming to your brain, way before this thought arises, “A cooldrink will be good, I wonder if the boss is noticing my overtime?

Lets not even get to stress and how that affects your gut-city

So how do we control these little invaders? Quite simply, we need to feed and water them correctly or they WILL be throwing their toys. TOYS OR WILL POWER? Besides the emotional and behavioral impact they have on us, if not heard, not fed, not watered, chances are illness will start manifesting. It will start with an unhappy gut-city and slowly move to every organ, cell, and tissue in your body. Ever watched dominos falling? Weight issues, headaches, chronic diseases, sleep problems, skin irritations, allergies, I can go on.

Please do your research on what is the best pre and probiotic for your gut. Do not be fooled by claims of ‘MILLIONS OF STRAINS’ labels on containers, you want the right neighbors to move into your Gut-City, those that smile and wave, have good conversations and even lend a cup of flour when required. Take the time to read up on the effects of a healthy gut change, especially based on the fact that “the human microbiome, the resident bacteria that live within our intestines may actually exercise strong control of various aspects of human health” written by Dr. Perlmutter. Link to his amazing books below:

http://Be Informed

I love the natural pre and probiotic supplement GI Probalance, that literally changed the health of my daughter within a month. After her lungs collapsed at 2 weeks of age and 9 years of continual doctor visits, I became obsessed with improving her immunity, keeping her critters happy was the answer! This pre/probiotic supplement made that difference – it has been 3 years and she has not been back to a doctor for lung problems, colds, flu, and allergies.

Ahhhhh, the gut-city, make them your friends! Look after them and they will look after you, thought wise, behaviorally, physically and emotionally. Get your gut-city behind you and success will surely follow.


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