Health – When the world we know, ain’t so?

Health – When the world we know, ain’t so?

Greater awareness of health but illness escalates? Something is wrong with our equations.

As the awareness of better health escalates and we celebrate the need and use of healthier choices, organic foods, good exercise and meditation I found myself in the Drug Dealer/ Pharmacy/AKA drug-suppliers-to-mass-market recently getting some great Ox Bile supplements and some-regretably so, anti-inflammatory for a tooth that was out of control – at my age the damage is root deep.

As I stood there the pharmacist and I start chatting, and I ask her straight up…

Are more people getting sick?

Without batting an eyelid or thinking for a split second or for that matter even looking up to respond in her haste (there were 5 customers in the que behind me) she responded

“You will not believe!!! It’s is crazy!!!

Me: “Uhhhhh, actually, I do believe you… have you noticed the quality of your food lately? I trust you don’t keep your own goat or grow your own veggies, as I am sure most of the people who are standing in this queue don’t either… sad state of affairs”

she nodded, half listening to my blabbering sob story of undernourishment and calorie deficits… and so, I turned my attention to those around me instead… therein the realization that the world we know ain’t so…. there stood a ‘healthy’ looking lady being served right next to me, in front of her lay at least 5 prescription letters from a doctor, being packed by her pharmacist. I had to work hard at holding back the gasp that left my throat. A list for hubby, for her and clearly for children. We are featherlight in our understanding of what we are feeding our families, be it foods or drugs… Then let us not even get into the discussion about the pills we use for dieting!

External responsibility
External responsibility

Lets link

There are plenty and I do mean PLENTY of great pages with information regarding food, nourishment and better health… read at least one in your life time and start realising all is not what it seems when it comes to the food on your plate. HERE is a great start:

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