Diet pills please – another one!

Diet pills please – another one!

Could we blame the diet pills?

At the end of your tether? Had enough of weighing food, exercise, high fat low carb, diet pills, shake it till you fake it and weight loss support groups? Well I can say many a gent and lady have crossed my doorstep with this exact frustration…

I would like to start a conversation about this, and I have lots I will be sharing on this in future but for now I want to share a thought and hope it promotes further discussion.

3 Thoughts to reflect on when reaching for a diet pill.

FIRSTLY, it is interesting that as a baby growing, you knew the exact amount of mother’s milk you required before spitting and spluttering out the excess, why is it then that you need ANYONE or ANYTHING (YES, diet pills do force certain choices) to tell you how much your body needs? [There is an answer to this and I do divulge further information in my course I am preparing now… for now let’s discuss it].

SECONDLY, we enter the blame game, I can honestly say, most diets (‘most’ – I am speaking specifically about those with science backing, may I add), most diets do work if you work it. Even the basic healthy daily diet nourishes and sustains when balanced and wholesome. Diet pills are the easiest to blame of course…

THIRDLY, could it be that we tend to ‘take on’ a diet, be it a shake, a diet pill, or a trainer so that WE DONT HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR NOT SUCCEEDING? After all it is that much easier to say “Oh, that diet doesn’t work for me – those diet pills are placebo’s” than it is to say that by week 3 you were either bored stiff of chocolate shake or the diet pill made you attack your spouse. Yes, we never say “Oh boy did I cheat on that diet!!”

I am going to say this, there are many reasons why people reach for the next best diet or latest fad in how to drop fat in 1 day flat, but in all the problem diets or ‘doesn’t work diets’ or been there got the T shirt diets there is really ONLY one comanality, that would be OURSELVES. If every single diet ‘TRY’ – my pet peeve word by the way – is a failure, then it may not be the diets that are the problem?

You see, it is MUCH EASIER to blame a broken tool for the job not being done than it is to say “yeah, it was me, I just didn’t get it right”. I know this as I have done this before. Guilty.

The question is why is this so, what is it about lack of responsibility which feeds the billion dollar industry so flatly? I personally think we have the Neanderthal to partially thank. I believe our extremely old internal drive says:

firstly, you cannot fail at anything or you will get kicked out of the tribe – you weakling you,

secondly if you don’t attempt the latest fad diet you are not part of the tribe – oh dear cold nights and no food which will lead to Die-t , so failing or non compliance puts you in danger of rebuttal… and possibly death, if you lived back then. We are more sheep than we would like to admit, after all, safety is in numbers.

But let’s not leave it there. It is a massive conversation and I am hoping someone somewhere for once goes… oh my word let me get this right, no more quick fixes, no more diet pills, it is about me! Yes YOU inside OUT.

“Health is a relationship between you and your body.”

Terri Guillemets

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