Right decisions are easy…

Right decisions are easy…

But are they the right decisions?

Offer me a chocolate, a glass of wine or a delicious slice of cake and I can instantly say yes… INSTANTLY… on a journey of health improvement or watching your figure or even weight loss, none of these assist us in such a journey. Some say you just need willpower, determination, a burning desire, a thorough understanding, but truthfully speaking; why are bad decisions and choices so easy and good decisions so tough?

This came about when I had a heart to heart with a young lady who was deciding if she should start a business, or not… She had been deliberating for some time and even though she had made the decision that it is a YES, she still had not committed to her decision and put pen to paper.

Her gut said yes but fear kept her frozen.

“Your life changes the minute you make a new congruent and committed decision.

Tony Robbins

Now in our conversation, I tried to get to the bottom of this indecision. What was interesting, we discovered, is her inability to commit, was based on her fear of spending money in starting her business. I decided to turn it around and explained it to her in this way, money is dirty paper, it comes in and out of our bank account… it does not determine our happiness or emotional and life success (there are many unhappy souls with plenty of money – we all know that and plenty who are happy with lots of money too! It becomes a mental choice). Then I asked her to change the word ‘money’ with the word ‘energy’ rather stating “fear of spending energy in starting a business” and immediately the light went on – she had no fear of spending energy to start a business.

Our conversation continued around the topic of fear if all we do is focus on how fearful we are, chances are we will stay fearful and our life will be lived in fear, if we focus on flourishing in life, chances are we will. With this I am following one of the Laws of the Mind, what you focus on grows, energy flows where energy goes.

Think about it this way; we do NOT bat an eyelid when we are offered chocolate… WHY? We expect the taste sensation associated with yumminess, we feel joy in accepting a gift and we know that we love a treat of sweetness… humans are driven towards pleasure and away from pain, simple we accept the pleasure of chocolate. (Yes I will take on how to say NO to stick to your health journey without feeling deprived as a discussion soon!) The minute we think about a decision long enough we start over analyzing, if our gut says yes, sometimes remember that, don’t take too long to ponder, as when opportunity meets preparedness, magic happens.

Start having faith in your gut feel (unless you have gut issues of course), start believing in yourself to know success is always up to you.

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