Love makes our world go round – if we allow it.

Love makes our world go round – if we allow it.

A mind and person driven by love is a greater asset than one driven by ego.

This image just keeps resonating in my heart (- no pun intended as you will discover later), after placing the picture of your mind on love on Instagram, I decided it needs a blog post specifically to discuss it in a bit more detail.

As a professional I am constantly aware of how ego can get in the way, when I worked as a Landscape Architect and when I owned my own design business I was keenly aware of ego. How? Well simply stated, I watched and listened as people got in their own way limiting success, change, growth, understanding and even development of relationships.

Ego, this is an interesting character, I stated in Instagram that we need 10% of it. I do believe that that 10% allows us to personalize our character to an extent, it also allows us to reach for more, do more and be more because that 10% allows failure purely due to its disconnect from our true selves.

Mmmmmm…. let that thought sink in please. I do believe that God, Energy, Universal substance, call IT as you please, brings about perfect creation in each of us, that perfect expression of a thought, with ‘that thought’ being each of us individually. If we see wrong within ourselves, we are saying God does not create perfection. So, what happens, ego steps in and under our perfect approval decides to form opinion and to take control, with that ego, step by step, separates us from God’s energy, separates us from our personal greatness, our intended purpose when we came as a gift to our parents. The further we step away with the help of the Ego the less God has the ability to work through us, yes, I do believe He does NOTHING FOR us, but only THROUGH us if we (here ego pops up again) allow it. I had this conversation with a close friend one day, he felt that we are all less than equal and less than deserving of Gods grace. I DISAGREED with him of course 🙂 . That and that alone is ego speaking. In a mind and heart filled with love, there is little space for ego, in fact, allowing 10% space for ego is in my opinion healthy AND ENOUGH, as ego does have the habit of prompting humanity to seek greater expression and understanding.

This is something I share with my children as I make it clear to them that there is inner guidance within, a GPS, which allows us to clearly differentiate between the not so good and the great. This GPS is your heart working and intact, it kindly passes the feeling/emotion and/or message on to your gut, your gut feeling [if the healthy critters therein are predominant, your communication to brain improves – another topic for another day] then gets passed on, enlightening your brain to make the right decision or behave correctly – this is if all goes well.

When a gut says it all
When a gut says it all

I inform them that the minute there is a dis-ease in their heart, a feeling of wrongness, and that relays to their gut the only thing that can go wrong is the ego crosses paths with that message to the brain and says

ahhhh, its ok, you can say nasty things to that person, everyone is doing it”

and in that statement from ego we can clearly feel the heartlessness. This is where mindfulness comes to play, and self-awareness, ego needs to be given the marching orders or our negative actions wreak havoc on our hearts. The science is out there, it is confirmed, this is how we operate, how we make decisions, act, and possibly cause ‘dis-ease’ within.

I do believe we need to protect our hearts, she is a sensitive lass (gents, I am using my heart as the example here), I do believe that she needs gentle care and maintenance at times (nothing that meditation, a good walk in nature, a great bottle of red wine shared cannot solve) to ensure she lives a long healthy life. What we need to keep in mind is that our hearts, according to the latest studies, transmits electromagnetic energy (EMF), which like the octopuses tentacles extends 12-15 feet beyond the body, in fact, in comparison to our brains, our heart’s energy field is 60 times larger and 5000 times more powerful than our brains EMF.

Ever heard someone say “I felt xyz WALK into the room that day!”, well science agrees with them. If there was one reason why we need to keep our hearts healthy and focus in on love, it may just be this, our electromagnetic capability. Next time you hug your spouse, loved one, child, bestest friend, make sure you are sending them love filled energy from your heart as that is what will make this world go round.

If you have a desire for more sciency understanding, this link is an interesting read with regards to EMF:

Life Rhythm as a Symphony of Oscillatory Patterns: Electromagnetic Energy and Sound Vibration Modulates Gene Expression for Biological Signaling and Healing:

Shin Splints, it IS the Universe conspiring…

Shin Splints, it IS the Universe conspiring…

When the Universe steps in, take note.

For those who do not know, shin splints, this is pain from the inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue around your shinlets look at that again… shin splints is [pain from the] INFLAMMATION, period… end of story, in my not so humble opinion. And, this blog post has little to do with the medical understanding of shin splints and or inflammation but rather it digs a little deeper into the Universe thankfully sticking it’s nose into my life, again.


There are amazing resources with regards to understanding inflammation and the effect it has on a persons body, in fact, there is tons of information on how the inflammation has an enormous impact on EVERYTHING in your body. I will in this blog discuss and dissect it in a later post. For now, however, I will be focusing in on shin splints and its reason for being – be it analytical, emotional or will wisdom explain it away? (As I said, I do have an opinion on the fact that its foundational starting point resides in a body where inflammation signals have gone haywire and even further, in thought alone… For interesting further reading on inflammation I have included this article, but trust me we will be opening this up to intense discussion at a later stage:

What about the Universe??

Back to the Universe conspiring. Based on a personal experience in this department I would like to take on the purists in thought with regards to this ailment. If I keep my analytical mind focused and functioning, there are a couple of real issues at hand when shin splints arise – like mind blowing, muscle tearing PAIN, or, I will NEVER EVER EVER walk again logic, or sitting on the couch seems like a GREAT PLAN. Once the pain has settled, we may start the reasoning process to determine WHY it caused such discomfort… It is seen as first and foremost, wrong shoes, then, insoles are required, or you are walking too fast, or you are not warming up correctly, or you just too fat to walk adding extra impact on those shins as you waddle down the road… oh my word… I JUST WANT TO GET MOBILE AND ENJOY A WALK – IT WILL BE FUN THEY SAID!

Lets backtrack just a little. I decided that based on my love of walking and need to get mobile, I would start actively walking. Fast forward to 3 weeks in, I am up to 4km an evening and REALLY enjoying this activity, this me time. Simultaneously, let me explain how the Universe is nudging me, trying to get my attention; work is keeping me at my desk daily, I am not sleeping well and I am drinking copious amounts of coffee (that does get me up and walking from my desk to the coffee maker and back at least). Back to the walking, that at least seems to be going well, until I decide that 13 minutes per kilometer is not good enough and if I can crack a 12 minutes per kilometer I will be progressing (No loud laughing here please – I have short legs and I am not the fastest or the fittest by any stretch of the imagination).

The first night I took my walk with new gusto, basically, I had to head home within 1,5 kilometers, normally I was making 4 kilometers. That night I walked/limped a total of 2,5 kilometers and felt the pain… little glitch I thought, maybe a stressful day? But luckily [sic] WILLPOWER trumped, I was strong, determined and discipline (uninformed, stupid, not-an-exerciser-how-dumb-can-you-be), I set out for another walk the Saturday evening, more determined to break 13 minutes. This time I came limping home, crying like a new born baby within 1,5 kilometers. I flung open the front door, fell on to my couch, and vehemently declared war on my shoes, the act of walking, my body, my DNA and exercise as a thought and/or action process, burning the walking wagon so to speak.

It was official, I was done with walking – with a sense of bitter sweetness – as I DO LOVE walking. But that evening walk to hellish pain was the final nail in the coffin for me. Sunday morning I awoke, still feeling like a battered war veteran, I plucked up the willpower, determination, discipline and strength to stay in bed to further pity my fate as a non-walker… this was now my NEVER AGAIN, with the absolute knowledge that no one will convince me otherwise.

It is at these crossroads that I truly question the multiple personality existence or parallel Universe theory. It may be the coach in me that immediately takes hold of me in these absolute pity parties and asks:

“What if …..UP?”

arghhhhhhh…. now I am irritated, the coach in me knows that what if UP is based on reaching for a better feeling thought within me, for trying to understand the challenge, for moving into thoughtful reasoning and tuning into myself to understand where it comes from, besides the blasted shoes. I immediately take the negative thought/challenge/occurrence and distance myself from it, to focus in on the positive or just reach for it, after all, our thoughts can only hold one thought at a time, so choose wisely.

I realised that in my life presently, I was carving a space for greater understanding of myself, I had spent so much of my living years to date helping others understand themselves that I had seemingly lost scope of who I truly was. I was in all sense and purposes breaking down my ideals. At the same time I had an absolute realisation in the last 6 months that I had ZERO requirement within me to keep controlling the uncontrollables. This may seem obvious to some but I truly thought I was in control and that that was the only correct way to exist. Sad to admit, but truly blessed in the realisation that I am over 40 years of control and have the power to transform it, I ended up like a tightly wound up elastic band with enough muscle memory to last 7 life times and slowly I was blissfully unpacking it ALL.

Now some may say, IT IS THE SHOES AND ONLY THE SHOES – you are getting lost in overthinking… but me, I think a little differently and understand that my absolute core, my root of being, was disconnected. So there I sat that Sunday, and searched for better feeling thoughts, looking at this challenge as a body and Universe signal to understand where I am, understand who I am and start building new ideals. Interestingly, I was refining my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) the week the shin splints made their appearance (for those who don’t know check out Napoleon Hill and again this is something I will be writing about in a later blog). Clearly I had to think carefully about my chosen journey and purpose in life ahead. Clearly it was going to be one purposeful step after another and the shin splints, besides all the other reasonable explanations, was just another clear nudge by the Universe to take heed of the journey I chose.

If you are intrigued in understanding the DMP and want more information, the following is a start to understanding the persona behind it, the link will take you to the life story of Napoleon Hill.

Let IT be born!

Let IT be born!

YOUinsideOUT is for you.

You, Inside Out, started in thought and action in 2011, BORN and driven by a desire to have a positive impact on physical and mental health and wellness, this included people we had the blessing of working with and myself personally.

A little bit about me… yes yes, I know, there IS an About us section, but this IS the first blog, and YOU don’t have a clue who I am…

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin

Have you ever taken a road and realized that even though the scenery was AMAZING, the company was great, the car was handling soooo well on the road and that your driving was effortless that MAYBE, just MAYBE, you were driving in the wrong direction?  Born at the wrong time maybe? Herein lies the analogy of my life.  I left school, studied Landscape Architecture at Uni, worked, opened a couple of my own businesses, got married, had children (x2 and beautiful they are!) and all was peachy, as planned… or was it?

Fast track a couple of years and the following comes my way, (of course I did collaborate with the Universe to ensure the occurrence and direction my life was taking at this time – even though I only realised that later… why did no one bother to let me in on this???)

Timeline events…

  • I crack my skull falling off a horse named Kelvin (he and the Universe were in cahoots)
  • I relocated
  • I got divorced
  • I lost both my parents 9 months apart
  • I lost my existing stream of income – basically I was jobless

And this was in a period of 7 years – did you notice the domino logo?

So in this hurricane of events my passion for mental and physical (and soul) health emerged, my desire to connect both of these with a spiritual aspect which until prior to the 7 years was ‘non-existent’ – what possessed me!?

EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING, is an outward expression of our inward being.  I now speak and live this understanding, trust me some days I wish I had remained naïve as I start facing brutal realities that I am the co-creator of my reality.

The result is this website, which is a blog and a web page, for the courses and coaching I am involved in when it comes to health and wellness.

My credentials (do we still need those these days?), I was born in a little town of Oudtshoorn in South Africa, (where you find a lot of ostriches and great wine!) moved to the Free State where I received my schooling. Then I moved up to Pretoria where I studied Landscape Architecture. I am an amazing landscape architect, well, I was, this has helped me scrutinize and assess life holistically, it has helped me see that bigger picture and PLAN! I have been in the Health and Wellness industry for since 2011 and am a certified Fatloss Coach (‘they‘ call it weight loss but REALLY I am only interested in fat loss!) Reiki practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life and Mindfulness Coach with an integrative approach of Energy Healing, the undeniable Chakras and all of consciousness.  Oh, I am a MOM too – Massively-Overemotional-Mentor to 2 beautiful children, this alone makes me a near expert on life :).

Besides this, I am here to serve YOU. Please feel free to comment, contact, interact, ZOOM, train, be coached with me. This is a growing site and I look forward to our journey working with YOU from the INSIDE OUT.

Tamantha Williams

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