Debunking diet myths, the sizzling 7!

Debunking diet myths, the sizzling 7!

Besides the laughable truths we live.

Every day of coaching better health, brings about new astounding reasons for lack of success in any diet arena. The diet myths which have reached my ears, causes a number of reactions from within me – depending on my relationship with the storyteller, they may see these reactions, firstly I hit the floor rolling with laughter, secondly my mouth gaps, thirdly I get a blank stare in my eyes, absolute disbelief…. and finally and sadly so, I see myself reflected in them and I feel a sense of personal sadness for I too have used these ‘truths’ to escape my own diet failure…

There are 7 sizzling diet myths which I will be mentioning briefly as I do dissect it in detail later and so too cover it in my MMM course, but let’s start with a few minor hiccups and have a quick chat around these beauts.

Firstly, I hear people explaining ‘getting fat’ away purely by stating they have a BIG BONE STRUCTURE.… my shattered nerves, the majority of people are within average bone size and generally when you reside on the short size of life, your bones are smaller based on a scaled down body ratio, yes, bones CAN have a greater density which can make a difference in weight, but big bones are the least of our problems….

Then another one which brings tears to my eyes, “I have a genetical disposition to be fat” now yes, search long enough and you will find such a study that confirms that your fat genes are primary… there are rat families that are prone to being fat. But, and a big butt at that, three quarters of this population do not suffer from this gene defect but rather the defect of lifting a fork full to their mouths once too often whilst binge watching Game of Thrones.

And finally, my all time favorite, “Diets just don’t work for me!” And after my belly laugh has ended I ask politely “So, how is being fat WORKING OUT FOR YOU?“. Let me explain, we are all on diet 24/7, diet is the foodstuffs we eat on a daily basis whether it be a Mediterranean diet or a fast food diet, the only difference being; one might kill you while the other may save you. So, if diets don’t work you most likely will need intravenous feeding tubes to assist. If your diet ain’t working most likely it is you are not working your diet.

Question Always
Debunking diet myths

7 Sizzlers – Diet Myths

  1. Limit your range of foods and you will lose weight – what you do lose is bone, muscle, tissue, maybe some poop and a lot of water… your body needs balance in all vitamins and minerals, fats proteins AND Carbohydrates. Leave things out and trust me, the minute you put them back in your body your system CELEBRATES and packs it neatly away on your hips for a rainy day.
  2. All carbohydrates are bad – laughable is all I can say, you NEED carbs in your body, it is what helps cell structures remain in place. Now yes, certain carbs are your enemies for sure and to ensure your blood sugar stays regulated it is wise to keep them out as best possible but putting in the right carbs are totally beneficial to better health.
  3. Eat low fat or fat free – sure, why don’t you stay hungry??? And by supper time your 1000 Cal day turns into 3000 Cal due to starvation.
  4. Exercise to eat what you want – now here I may get massive push back, but this one I state based on my experience with over 800 dieters, you can NEVER outrun your fork. It may not show on your waist but your health including your heart muscle, will be compromised by poor eating standards.
  5. Some sugars are worse than others – all sugars are equal, when we try deciding which is better or worse we end up right were we started with lines being blurred. (Now yes, nature’s bitter sugars are really important in our bodies and I exclude them here). Yes, there is honey – my absolute favorite, a beautiful gift from nature, whereas high fructose corn syrup HFCS, is her evil twin for sure, but sugar when you are trying to rid your body of fat is sugar nonetheless – adding it to your diet shuts down fat burning for energy IMMEDIATELY.
  6. Drinking water before meals assists in fat loss – now this is an interesting one. Ever had a half a liter of water before a meal to help eat less (as that is the reasoning)? Can you recall the gut ache and discomfort? Let me share something, someone with a weight issue will plow through their plate regardless of half a liter of water prior to supper, unless they are coached in mindfulness water ain’t gonna do diddly squat. In fact that water is going to weaken your digestive juices and cause poor digestion and LESS nutrition from getting to the organs that require the vitamins and minerals. Water intake should be steady through the day.
  7. LAST BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST… It just takes willpower and discipline – bullsh*t. When large food conglomerates produce pseudo processed foods based on its addictability rating in salt sweet and fat combinations, do you honestly think that being fed this junk from the formulas we grew up on till the fast food fix of today that willpower has ANYTHING to do with it???

Ahhhh, diet myths, this is truly one of my favorite conversations and an area where I experience ample cognitive dissonance when I take it on with blaming and complaining clients who only receive my support in an explanation that their truth may not be THE TRUTH. I deal with it gently yet firmly, as the myths are truly a ditch of excuses, a safety blanket, a journey to failure, which is not my idea of the end destination for any of my clients.

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