Love makes our world go round – if we allow it.

Love makes our world go round – if we allow it.

A mind and person driven by love is a greater asset than one driven by ego.

This image just keeps resonating in my heart (- no pun intended as you will discover later), after placing the picture of your mind on love on Instagram, I decided it needs a blog post specifically to discuss it in a bit more detail.

As a professional I am constantly aware of how ego can get in the way, when I worked as a Landscape Architect and when I owned my own design business I was keenly aware of ego. How? Well simply stated, I watched and listened as people got in their own way limiting success, change, growth, understanding and even development of relationships.

Ego, this is an interesting character, I stated in Instagram that we need 10% of it. I do believe that that 10% allows us to personalize our character to an extent, it also allows us to reach for more, do more and be more because that 10% allows failure purely due to its disconnect from our true selves.

Mmmmmm…. let that thought sink in please. I do believe that God, Energy, Universal substance, call IT as you please, brings about perfect creation in each of us, that perfect expression of a thought, with ‘that thought’ being each of us individually. If we see wrong within ourselves, we are saying God does not create perfection. So, what happens, ego steps in and under our perfect approval decides to form opinion and to take control, with that ego, step by step, separates us from God’s energy, separates us from our personal greatness, our intended purpose when we came as a gift to our parents. The further we step away with the help of the Ego the less God has the ability to work through us, yes, I do believe He does NOTHING FOR us, but only THROUGH us if we (here ego pops up again) allow it. I had this conversation with a close friend one day, he felt that we are all less than equal and less than deserving of Gods grace. I DISAGREED with him of course ๐Ÿ™‚ . That and that alone is ego speaking. In a mind and heart filled with love, there is little space for ego, in fact, allowing 10% space for ego is in my opinion healthy AND ENOUGH, as ego does have the habit of prompting humanity to seek greater expression and understanding.

This is something I share with my children as I make it clear to them that there is inner guidance within, a GPS, which allows us to clearly differentiate between the not so good and the great. This GPS is your heart working and intact, it kindly passes the feeling/emotion and/or message on to your gut, your gut feeling [if the healthy critters therein are predominant, your communication to brain improves – another topic for another day] then gets passed on, enlightening your brain to make the right decision or behave correctly – this is if all goes well.

When a gut says it all
When a gut says it all

I inform them that the minute there is a dis-ease in their heart, a feeling of wrongness, and that relays to their gut the only thing that can go wrong is the ego crosses paths with that message to the brain and says

ahhhh, its ok, you can say nasty things to that person, everyone is doing it”

and in that statement from ego we can clearly feel the heartlessness. This is where mindfulness comes to play, and self-awareness, ego needs to be given the marching orders or our negative actions wreak havoc on our hearts. The science is out there, it is confirmed, this is how we operate, how we make decisions, act, and possibly cause ‘dis-ease’ within.

I do believe we need to protect our hearts, she is a sensitive lass (gents, I am using my heart as the example here), I do believe that she needs gentle care and maintenance at times (nothing that meditation, a good walk in nature, a great bottle of red wine shared cannot solve) to ensure she lives a long healthy life. What we need to keep in mind is that our hearts, according to the latest studies, transmits electromagnetic energy (EMF), which like the octopuses tentacles extends 12-15 feet beyond the body, in fact, in comparison to our brains, our heartโ€™s energy field is 60 times larger and 5000 times more powerful than our brains EMF.

Ever heard someone say “I felt xyz WALK into the room that day!”, well science agrees with them. If there was one reason why we need to keep our hearts healthy and focus in on love, it may just be this, our electromagnetic capability. Next time you hug your spouse, loved one, child, bestest friend, make sure you are sending them love filled energy from your heart as that is what will make this world go round.

If you have a desire for more sciency understanding, this link is an interesting read with regards to EMF:

Life Rhythm as a Symphony of Oscillatory Patterns: Electromagnetic Energy and Sound Vibration Modulates Gene Expression for Biological Signaling and Healing:

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