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*Coach : no dietEARLY BIRD PROMOTION, click on link below for discount on course!!

Learn ways of taking on body transformation using Mindset, Methodology and Means.

*Weight loss Coaching Mastery CertificationEARLY BIRD PROMOTION, click on link for discount on course!!



Time will be set aside for 101 Coaching, Health and Wellness, Mindfulness, Energy Work.  Make your appointment today.


*Weight loss Coaching Mastery CertificationEARLY BIRD PROMOTION, click on link below for discount on course!!


Time will be set aside for a consultation. Make your appointment today.


coach : no diet

Coach : no diet

***With on 9 hours of video lectures, over 40 resources including a JOURNEY JOURNAL available to you forever, this is one of the most comprehensive body transformational courses you will find.***


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Helping You Find Success

Feel Like It’s Time to TRANSFORM Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?


I meet people daily, stuck in a mental AND physical rat race, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results,  it is time to reach further, think, then think broader, and maybe, start with this one question,


What makes this different?

I don't just talk

Amazing skills, links, processes in place which may tilt your axis a little.  Anyone tired of the long conversations that go no where?

I see multiple truths, and let you discover the one that is your better truth.

There are more sides (not just 3) to any story.  Lets find the actual truth.

You will struggle to find someone this passionate about results... in fact, try.

Till you decide to work with me, I don’t charge a cent.
Why do I charge? Because then you WILL do the work required.

I am all heart with the mind of a VIKING.

We will progress and we will experience a great view.  There are no maybes.  Do or Do not, there is no try

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

WHO does not need a COACH?  If you feel you are stepping in tune with your drum and you have it ALL down pat…

Please exit this page.

If not, please read on…


The journey of your life seems like a train out of control...

Life not working out as planned? Let me help you set up parameters the way YOU need them to be to allow your personal growth and success.

Being FAT has never made you this SAD...

Getting lean, slim, vibrant and healthy seem like a UNICORN fantasy to you? Most likely it is.  Let me sort that out… the choice is yours, book a 101 or take part in the courses available – coach:nodiet!

Convinced that the Universe is out to GET YOU!

Well it is. But in a helpful way, if YOU get out of the way… Numerous options available here, 101 session with me (no I am not magically going to connect you to the Universe, you will do that yourself) or courses available.

My Approach

Straight up. To the point. Nothing gets drawn out beyond it’s life expectancy.

Within me lies a seeker, a woman, a Mom, a sister and a friend who, driven by my passion for life I have moved through acceptable education, (I did get my Landscape Architectural degree many moons back) got married, owned and built businesses and had 2 beautiful children. Throughout those experiences I painted my life as I saw fit, of course I was co-creating with the Universe and my thought. I found an inner drive for transformational work in well being of every sort, mind body and soul. 

My work with you will be impactful, I do not follow normal discourse and interaction so do not expect it.  This is about you and results. That will be my focus.

How it works

Schedule a 1:1

Firstly make the decision to draw a line in the sand.  Unhappy with where you are?  Need unbiased input?  Send me an email, lets start the conversation, you can decide if I am someone you would like to take this journey with, before wipping out a credit card!


Choose a 1:1 or Course

Some people would prefer a ZOOM coaching session – I book 30min slots (there are amazing reasons for this time length, which I will share when we start), others would prefer to do the self-work via a course.  This will be discussed in our email correspondance.

Reach Your Goals

TRUST ME… this does not happen over night, yes, massive shifts can occur but every human being functions in cycles, each cycle is a journey and only YOU know when you have victory in a journey you are on. 

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