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"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, & what you do are in harmony" ~ Muhatma Gandhi
Woman, where art thou?

Woman, where art thou?

As WOMAN DAY has just come to an end in our beautiful country South Africa, it seemed only apt to highlight these powerful beings and celebrate those who have learned to love themselves, and those who are still learning this fine and important art. YES, YOU are everything and more.
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Allergies? YOU MAKE ME FAT!

Allergies? YOU MAKE ME FAT!

What could getting FAT, moodiness [might be as a result of getting fat], muffin tops, puffy ankles, and aching joints have to do with allergies? Well, just about everything. If you take your health seriously, and weight gain is an issue to you, pay attention to allergies!
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Course: Coach : no diet

Coach : no diet

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