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I am Tamantha Williams

YOU inside OUT has been in momentum since 2011.  It started, at what many may say, was as a tipping point in my life, and has continued sometimes quietly, sometimes blatantly since 2011 –  Coaching many people to better health; mind, body and soul, has been a passion of mine in this time. Most of the time was spent one on one or online zoom meetings  Now a whole new world opens, I have been advised by many close friends and relations to step into this arena as i am not just good at it, I am pretty darn excellent,  I look forward to the transformational journey with each of you.

Within me lies a seeker, a business woman, a Mom, a sister and a friend. I am driven by my passion for life, I have moved through acceptable education, (I did get my Landscape Architectural degree many moons back) got married, owned and built businesses and have 2 beautiful children.  With that, I am now a Business owner in the health and well being industry, a certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Health and FAT loss Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master and lover of all that is Chakra.

This website is specifically in place to blog as I go along, there is community support in my Facebook page YOUinsideOUT which will answer all questions.  Feel free to subscribe to our news on this platform and ask questions freely!

The new course is up, Coach : no diet is up and running, there will be more of course and will be uploaded shortly covering aspects of Wellness coaching, Mindfulness fat loss, and energy aspects of better health etc.

Let this journey be memorable and life transforming for you.


Healthier Clients and counting

Kgs - that is a couple of tons of fat...

Hours and counting every day

Cups of Coffee - I like... LOVE coffee

If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.



My skills

I work with individuals of all ages, there is no limit I love all!

These are some of the topics I take on with those in my life since 2011.  The courses are a new online addition and are up and running shortly.

  • Fat removal
  • Coaching Mind Matter Method
  • Courses
  • Advice
  • Nutrition

I’m a sucker for a great life lived. Be the greatest expression of being.  The World needs more of us. Why not you?

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