In search of a fat loss diet? Enter Google toilet…

In search of a fat loss diet? Enter Google toilet…

Ever attempted to ‘search’ for a fat loss diet on Google? Here are 3 easy tips on what-to-do and what-not-to-do.

We all reach critical milestones in our lives, where the desire to shed some unrequired bodily heat pads comes up. Fat loss diet to the rescue! At this very moment, we tend to ponder, for a BRIEF moment, on what ‘diet’ will work for me THIS TIME? ‘Ponder’ and ‘brief’ to be taken literally please, for I have found (and this includes myself) that the thought process could take anything form a split second (as we stare at ourselves in a mirror) to the time it takes us to force ourselves into a size 12 when for that matter it should be a size 16… It may be at this point where our ego blatantly fires at us; “You fat, you need to lose weight!” and the first thing we reach for in our minds is; what is the ‘latest diet’? And where would that be found? GOOGLE… the house of all-knowing, wisdom and clarity to help enforce the correct fat loss diet choice… after all, our friends may be tired of our dieting sprees and giving us advice which we DON’T FOLLOW

Let me explain the quagmire of the Google toilet and why this could be the exact action we should NOT TAKE.

The number of results that came up when I typed into Google; “Fat loss diet” on this very day was ‘About 281 000 000 results (0,51 seconds)’ and if we wanted to lose weight (regardless if it is water, bone, muscle or tissue) we could use a different broad search, which I did, I typed “Weight loss” and got ‘About 900 000 000 results (0,70 seconds)’.

Now yes, one of the tips I can give is to be specific about your search, decide if you want to find a diet which is keto, or juicing, or paleo before searching, common sense right? Maybe not so, you may be ‘that individual’ that prayerfully takes on Google hoping, wishing, wanting ‘it’ to find the right answer for you as you are PAST KNOWING WHAT TO DO!? If this sounds right, you are truly a seasoned dieter and would not have been put off by the zeros following 281 or 900 in your search on Google.

So, I have decided to help all the prayerful types out there, desperate to have direction in diet choices, with a couple of TIPS:

Diet time?
Diet time?


Reflect for a moment on yourself. AND get out a journal – preferably old fashioned handwritten!!! Answer these questions by WRITING DOWN THE ANSWERS, why? Trust me, when you are a week into your diet and weekend arrives you will need to remind yourself why you started in the first place… Ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers:

Has this been a gradual or sudden increase in weight?
If the rush for a fat loss diet seems extreme, assess if the weight gain was sudden, it may be a health issue that needs investigating, or it may be emotions like stress, anger, grief that need resolving (for once you have forced your body to lose the fat the stress may help you put it all back on again). It may be a lack of sleep, which can result in weight gain.

What diet will fit my lifestyle?
PLEASE refrain from overhauling your lifestyle to fit your diet, rather allow your diet to fit your lifestyle as best possible. I have seen people swear on a loved one (oh dear!!) that NOW is the time that their lifestyle WILL change!! 6 months down the line they are back to their previous lifestyle, this is like trying to change your fingerprint! A good example is if you LOVE a good healthy hearty breakfast and generally scale down on food intake through the day then why chose a diet that requires fasting at breakfast as the guideline?

What is my current health status?
Yes, it has a lot to do with it. If for example, you are obese, could you take on a diet that requires vast amounts of exercise daily that may damage joints? If you lack a gallbladder, would you take on a high-fat diet without consulting a doctor? What about hormones? If you are diabetic would you be limited by a diet in which you may only eat 3 times a day causing blood sugar to be thrown out?

Why do I want to COMMIT to a diet now?
Truly reflect, is it for yourself, your family, your son or daughter, for health improvement, for fitting into clothes, for confidence? WRITE YOUR REASONS DOWN to remind yourself why you stopped eating junk, why a week down the line when a friend offers you a glass of wine you can say no confidently, without the feeling of deprivation. You NEED to remind yourself! Carry this journal with you so when you do start your diet you can use it as a reminder – trust me you will need it. If you decide to skip this step, do think for a moment, how has NOT writing this down worked out for you in the past?

Identify your GOOD and BAD habits.
These are critical. Sometimes your weight gain can purely be you have stopped moving, you may be sitting for long stretches and all you need to really do (instead of scouring Google) is start moving again. Make the list. Focus on keeping good habits in place and decide which of the bad habits you would like to boot. DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF AND CRITICIZE! My only advice is to take them on one at a time, do not try to go on diet and stop smoking simultaneously… something or someone may suffer as a result. Look, this is YOUR journey of life, only you have the choice as to how you want to live it, if it is a vibrantly healthy life you want to commit to, ditch the bad habits one at a time. The place to start; acknowledge them by writing them down and commit to a timeline that allows you to scratch them off the list.

How and what do I LIKE to eat?
This is a VERY IMPORTANT question. And, please be reasonable, you cannot expect to lose weight on a junk food diet, if that is your favorite food, which got you in a tiss when forcing on the size 12’s in the first place.

It is human to stick to what is familiar, go and read up on the basics of the Pareto principle, we generally follow the same habits that cause the results we get, we eat the same food type (20% of the choice available) 80% of the time. So why on earth will you incorporate any choices in a diet which is not familiar to your everyday choices? A good example: let us say you love fruit, it currently forms part of your daily intake, the diet you chose eliminates fruit and allows it once a week, how will you cope? Some say dieting requires SACRIFICE – that is pure deprivation in my mind and the ‘skinny bitch’ (Yup, she is there) in me screams retribution when limitations are imposed – rightly so. Truly, there are enough choices (millions in fact) that will fit your current lifestyle. There will be limitations based on dietary guidelines to ensure you lose weight but none of these limitations should cause you tohate waking up in the morning! Life is too short to add further stress to it, dieting is NOT punishment.


After answering the questions mentioned in item 1 above, now it is time to open up Google and type in your relevant and SPECIFIC diet search.

You have spent the time understanding and clarifying why and how you need to diet besides the size 12’s. Now, after assessing that you do need to be on a diet, you can search Google for example, with the following self-determined parameters;

*limited exercise requirements (time may be an issue),

*balanced intake (gallbladder is missing and you generally eat from all food groups),

*no juicing and shakes please (I have to chew),

you can confidently start searching. You may, for example, enter the following into the search line:

‘Balanced diet’ – results: About 34 000 000 results (0,58 seconds)

Yes, it is still a massive amount to wade through, but you are now making an empowered choice, you have truly taken the power back, it is now YOU who set the parameters, these parameters can now be used to make your choice confidently, you know exactly what you LIKE and DISLIKE, what you can do to make a success of dieting rather than failing miserably.


Make perfect by perfect - no diet required?
Made perfect by perfect

Possibly my favorite thought process. My very best friend always says to me, “If you are fat, you know EXACTLY WHY you are fat, it is intuitive, you just KNOW“. And why is that? Well, I believe we are made perfect by perfect and the more we tune into our inner guidance system, the more chance we have of knowing EXACTLY the cause of our weight gain. So too, the more we tune in and draw close to our internal guidance system the more energy and love will flow UNCONDITIONALLY, not only to others but to OURSELVES!

Surprisingly, sometimes (most often) it is NOT JUST food or LACK OF EXERCISING or HEALTH issues that cause weight gain – sometimes it is purely our blocks in energy and love. Broad statement but let me explain.

Have you ever been in a stressful situation or an emotionally abusive situation or in an unloving situation? Oftentimes food is used as a protective measure OR to fill a void, for we have not necessarily learned how to love ourselves into wholeness. Sounds like oversimplification right? Not for me, the lack we feel in not ‘being enough is soul-destroying, a void is created and nature abhors a vacuum, she politely helps by filling it; food being the obvious choice. What mother has not offered a child a sweetie when the tears are flowing (yes, I know, moms these days know that is the incorrect approach, in my day however it was not so)?.

Besides lacking love, the energy blocks can hurt even more… created by unmet expectations, these little traumas are impactful. Ever needed to go for an injection and in the situation you find yourself flinching? That is an energy block explained right there… that hold, that expectation of the worst impact. Now the sad thing is, the more we hold on to that flinch status, the more we expect the worst – nothing changes and acceptance steps in. It now becomes familiar and then a reality, an energy block. How to deal with it? There are many ways, and sometimes it is a hit and miss along your personal life journey. Deepak Chopra is someone who addresses this and has an interesting article for you to start with – I will be blogging on this at some stage too. The other option is to work with your own personal ‘inner talk’ in self healing, try this link out with easy to use subliminals playing in the back ground, making use of science to do some of the work for you.

So, before you fly on to Google and search what is the best diet, decide to start loving yourself more. HOW is always a good question as many people would find that ‘selfish’, ‘self-absorbed’ or ‘egotistical’, I would say that you can only share from your own cup if it has something ‘in it’. In fact, do you recall (and I would really like to remind you!) the first time you were ‘in love’, maybe besotted with an individual, felt butterflies and confessed undying love to anyone? Or do you recall having and holding your children after they were born and feeling that ABSOLUTE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE flow through you?

YOU NEEDED NOTHING ELSE… let me say that again…


My advice would be as follows, 2 tasks daily (in conjunction with your diet) to be done on your own and if you have a blessing called family, include them in one or both of the items for sure.

Firstly, start a gratitude diary – daily, write down 3 NEW gratitudes. Yes, do not repeat the same ones every day, LOOK carefully at your life, at you and note the blessings. This is something the family can get involved in. En route to school I ask both my children to verbalise their 3 gratitudes for the day and they love it. Eventually they remind me! If this seems like effort, never letting go of fat is more strenuous. Sometimes just embracing love and gratitude in your life can assist you in releasing fat!

Secondly, start FORGIVING, every day. Who must you forgive? Well, EVERYBODY, past present and future… really give this one some thought. When I started doing this, I felt there was not much forgiving to do, but there is. Look for one forgiveness a day and include YOURSELF every day.
You forgive PEOPLE and SITUATIONS past present and future – remove the bonds that exist, send them/it off to their good quickly and in peace. (Do you have to agree, approve, like the person or situation by forgiving them? Not at all, but LET THEM GO).
Forgive YOURSELF! And mean it. Now some may say that they are only kind to themselves and do not need forgiveness. Maybe so, sometimes however, when we ‘listen’ closely we will hear the negative thoughts we shower on ourselves daily – do forgive yourself regardless. You never know, you may have really hacked off someone in the traffic today!

What on earth has this got to do with our search on Google? Well, it allows us to approach a diet choice holistically, body, mind and soul. The reason why we are ONCE AGAIN searching Google for diets, IS because we possibly didn’t soul search before!!?

To end this off, a thought, I realize that sometimes we are so busy looking for the forest that we miss the trees. People worldwide are so busy searching for fat loss and weight loss, quick fixes, anything to ‘change’ [sic] ourselves that we sometimes miss the crucks of the issue. I believe that one of the primary reasons for weight gain IS self-esteem issues, lack of self-love, etc. Should we not rather start there? I decided to research it, the volume returned on the search term self-esteem: ‘About 64 700 000 results (0,64 seconds)’. This is close to 4 times fewer results than ‘fat loss’, maybe our Google search for diets should start with ‘how to love me’, embracing a healthier mind and then we can go about embracing a healthier body?

You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”- Yogi Berra

Start with love before the fat loss diet!
Start with love before the fat loss diet!
Lack of Sleep?  The big 5 reasons for NEEDING shut eye!

Lack of Sleep? The big 5 reasons for NEEDING shut eye!

If there was a slight chance that I could keep my body ticking on lack of sleep, maybe one hours sleep an evening, I would take it… but what and who would suffer in my life?

Spending years coaching people in better health and trimmer waistlines led me to understand just HOW important sleep glorious sleep is! Lack of sleep is a health risk to be taken seriously – if you said that to me at University, I would have laughed! Some people function optimally with as little as 5 hours of sleep and some swear they need at least 9 hours to be coherent at a days work. Like our fingerprint, each person has their magic time frame of optimal sleep, but sleep we must, and preferably enough.

There are some interesting and quirky reasons for good sleep and one which tickled me pink due to my overactive imagination was; when else could the brain elves do their e-filing, sifting and sorting, deleting, processing, archiving while simultaneously making dream suggestions to avoid being micromanaged by your consciousness? Can you imagine if besides EVERYTHING ELSE we do daily, we still had to micromanage this administrative nightmare!??

Micro-managing the brain - thank goodness we are asleep.
Thank you sub-conscious

Let us take a look at the BIG 5 reasons (based on the fact that this is a health blog, and I believe that sleep is as important as the amount of water we drink every day, it will be a subjective top 5) WHY sleep is a MUST DO on our list of living and how lack of sleep just ain’t cool.



Yup, you heard right, as I was pulling through nights at University to gain intelligence, little did I realize I was significantly affecting my cognitive processes, my ability to be attentive, alert, concentrate, reason, and problem-solve. Little did I know, I just needed to sleep more! There is a reason for EVERYTHING in our body, including sleep cycles, one of those reasons is the consolidation of memory and without sleep, memories disappear… now, this may not be important at Uni but when we start reaching 60 or 70 years of age, and the word Alzheimer’s keeps popping up in conversation with your children, then you may start realizing the importance of memory consolidation – and sleep.


Let’s take on the obvious. EVERYONE knows that not enough sleep is linked to chronic diseases, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure, and the list goes on and on. Simply put, sleep better, feel better. If you are not sleeping properly, your body is not resting and recouping. We do not shut down when we go to beddy byes… In actual fact, we WAKE UP. At this point your body has to clean up the mess of the day, fix and repair, meet-up, digest what’s still to be digested, consolidate memory, report back, medicate, get in the pest remover, breath, boost immunity, grind your teeth, keep your heart going AAAAANNNNDDD make some dream suggestions. I could go on, but you may have got the point. It takes a lot physically to keep you on the straight and narrow, to keep you together. And if this does not happen… CHRONIC DISEASE becomes an added checklist item for your bodies troops to keep tabs on. Besides the quality nutrition we put down the pie hole, sleep allows cells and systems of the body to get back on track and repair – you cannot always blame the boss!


Lack of sleep has an impact on your hormones. And this has what to do with your skin? Well, limited sleep = body under greater stress and therefore = cortisol, our stress hormone is released in a copious amount which then = a break down of your skin collagen – yup, the protein that they are trying to mass sell to all who are willing to buy it, to improve skin texture and elasticity. JUST GO TO SLEEP! IT IS HEALTHIER & CHEAPER. It is after all, as shared in point 2 above the only time your body has time to do tissue repair! The dark circles under your eyes are not just from the physical LACK OF SLEEP but also from the LACK OF REPAIR.

Those frowning wrinkles!


Sadly so. Now let’s blame the boss, with your increased stress levels you arrive home, having had little to no sleep based on a deadline that needed meeting the previous day, frolicking with your partner is possibly the last thing on your mind. At that point, you have zero energy and increased tension, both of which do not count in your partners’ favor. As mentioned earlier in this blog, lack of sleep has its impact on your hormones, studies suggest that testosterone is one hormone that IS impacted by too little sleep. I find that generally speaking too little sleep is also stress-induced so between low testosterone and stress being high, a romantic evening with benefits will not be on the cards.


The last and possibly the MOST IMPORTANT one of the big 5 if you have a desire to live a long, happy, healthy and vibrant life. Lack of sleep in my experience has a massive impact on weight. (And weight has a massive impact on sadness too).

When someone mentions that they are using sleeping tablets, (please don’t, there are other ways which in which you can get your beauty sleep without numbing your energy) the first thing I do is check their waistline as surely the ONE AND ONLY reason for poisoning their vibe MUST BE to reduce their waistline, possibly they have tried every diet on the market and this is the last resort…

Studies have been done to reflect the fact that lack of sleep and resultant obesity are friends. Not enough sleep, (more time to eat – just saying) leads to an increase in hunger – more likely HANGER – why hanger, well firstly, there is this little peptide called ghrelin, (sounds like gremlin right!!?) that demands food from you like a teenage son. The minute you don’t sleep enough, ghrelin comes knocking. Get enough sleep and the peptides leptin hang around, which is in your favor, this little one signals satiety to your brain – what a beaut if you are into reducing your waistline. The second reason for Hanger… no sleep = you have more chance of craving and demanding the super-sized, bad fat, bad sugar, generally widely accepted (and ordered) bad food at bad fast food joint, than the cup of warm milk your mom always offered you.


There is sound science to back how lack of sleep impairs how our very own fat cells interact with insulin… problems in this department lead to metabolic disorders, weight gain, and diabetes just 2 of them.

Get on to the ‘Sleep-Diet’, it works! I can say, there are scores of times I would sit with a client, who thinks sleep is irrelevant in comparison to exercise and nutrition… TRUST ME… it ranks right up there (with oxygen and water) as RELEVANT in fat loss!

Sit quietly and assess when last you had a good nights sleep. One where you felt like a warrior when you woke up. Chances are, that was a long time ago. Then assess what health concerns you have, maybe you are on chronic medication, possibly you are short-tempered, or on the depressive side of life, or maybe it is just the early sign of wrinkles that has your earth tilting off its axis at the moment. No matter what you are facing, start with the basics and get that right FIRST. Get a good nights sleep tonight, and every night after that to live a vibrant life that I am sure you deserve.

Free will, does she exist?

Free will, does she exist?

Let us look at the critters responsible for our thoughts and emotions.

You most likely have used the words; “I just had a gut feeling about it!“, if so, you were 100% correct. Today we take on the essence of looking at our emotions as a force of 39 trillion bacterial cells versus 30 trillion human cells, yup, we are more bacterial than human… could it be that there is no free will?

This could be a chicken and egg scenario. Is it our thoughts that create ‘things’, or could it be our ‘things’ that create our thoughts? There is an absolute understanding that thoughts create things, one of my favorite books written by Wallace D Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, is purely based on thoughts creating things. This is especially true when thoughts are driven by emotions, that then create beliefs that drive us to action and culminates in results, be they good or bad. Now if this premise can be taken as a possible reality, that it can be proved through personal experience, then the only questions left in my mind are;

  1. What or who creates our thoughts and emotions, and
  2. How important are the emotions that hold on to those thoughts?
Gut Bacteria - microbiome
Happy neighbor from Gut-City reporting for thought duty…

1. What or who creates our thoughts and emotions?

This is a question that can be answered scientifically, spiritually, subjectively and objectively. As I am the author, I have decided to answer it based on my gut – which could be seen as subjective of course. I have always advocated that everything, YES EVERYTHING in our body comes down to our gut, our little critters that have made home in a less than pleasant space, rule the roost from this position, be it our immunity (70% of the health of your immunity depends on the health of your gut city), or be it our emotions. Ever heard a child in distress (be it under pressure of school or a fight with a friend) state that they have an ‘upset tummy’?

We have always thought (really??) that we have free will, not so, scientists have determined that 7 seconds before making a move, you have already decided to. Now, why would that be? Well, firstly it has to do with self-preservation, fight or flight, our Neanderthal self steps in… I may add, if our survival purely depended on our personal response rate, I would most likely be dead. And secondly, we have a bucket load of bacteria who kinda like being in control for self-preservation too. Could it possibly be that your bacterial city – NOT YOU, decided it was time to down a glass of water, or eat a piece of citrus fruit, or walk away from an angry situation (a fight or flight response)? Possibly based on a ‘gut feel’? If we find ourselves as such intelligent beings, could it be that the actual intelligence comes from our bacteria and not our brain cells, that in fact, the bacteria IS the command centre and the brain; only the worker, the doer?

I picture human cells as a physical expression of thought but thought based on the energy, health, and environment (physical and spiritual) of your bacteria.

2. How important are the emotions that hold on to those thoughts?

So if we have no free will, and bacteria are the ones calling the shots, then do we own our emotions? Again, I see it this way, if I have 39 trillion children demanding sugar simultaneously, and I resist supplying the pure white and deadly, is it possible that there may be an emotional uprising, a crisis? Especially if of the 39 trillion, 30 trillion are not healthy bacteria, who flourish on sugar as a means of survival. Chances are thoughts will rush to the brain along the lines of; throw a tantrum, get angry, demand that pay rise after working 20 straight hours resulting in absolute exhaustion and get that bloody sugar drink in! Emotively done? I think so, at least 30 trillion emotive demands coming to your brain, way before this thought arises, “A cooldrink will be good, I wonder if the boss is noticing my overtime?

Lets not even get to stress and how that affects your gut-city

So how do we control these little invaders? Quite simply, we need to feed and water them correctly or they WILL be throwing their toys. TOYS OR WILL POWER? Besides the emotional and behavioral impact they have on us, if not heard, not fed, not watered, chances are illness will start manifesting. It will start with an unhappy gut-city and slowly move to every organ, cell, and tissue in your body. Ever watched dominos falling? Weight issues, headaches, chronic diseases, sleep problems, skin irritations, allergies, I can go on.

Please do your research on what is the best pre and probiotic for your gut. Do not be fooled by claims of ‘MILLIONS OF STRAINS’ labels on containers, you want the right neighbors to move into your Gut-City, those that smile and wave, have good conversations and even lend a cup of flour when required. Take the time to read up on the effects of a healthy gut change, especially based on the fact that “the human microbiome, the resident bacteria that live within our intestines may actually exercise strong control of various aspects of human health” written by Dr. Perlmutter. Link to his amazing books below:

http://Be Informed

I love the natural pre and probiotic supplement GI Probalance, that literally changed the health of my daughter within a month. After her lungs collapsed at 2 weeks of age and 9 years of continual doctor visits, I became obsessed with improving her immunity, keeping her critters happy was the answer! This pre/probiotic supplement made that difference – it has been 3 years and she has not been back to a doctor for lung problems, colds, flu, and allergies.

Ahhhhh, the gut-city, make them your friends! Look after them and they will look after you, thought wise, behaviorally, physically and emotionally. Get your gut-city behind you and success will surely follow.


The opposite of dis|ease is only EASE.

The opposite of dis|ease is only EASE.

I have had the pleasure of a fairly deep conversation not just once but three times about how we as individuals reach for more and cope doing it. My thought process always centered around achieving absolute ‘EASE’ in my life.

Exactly 7 years ago, if you asked me what it was I wanted, most likely I would have focused on world travel, success, lots of money, big houses and flashy cars. I am now absolutely sure that my journey in life prepared me to get to the point of focusing purely on ‘ease’ – I realized that when I spent time un – eased, it lead to dis|ease, and the route I followed, had everything to do with it.


There exists absolute gratitude within me for getting to this point in my life. Some people may say that my desire or ambition has been cramped, well, I can say, I am now actively busy with setting up a training project which I am passionate about, I blog daily – a conversation I enjoy even if it is only with myself, work on my nutritional business, and have time with my 2 beautiful children.

For me that sounds close to fantastic, but the realization is that there is still a lot more work to be done to enable complete ease in my life.

2 Decisions made

This ease within my life was one of my conversations I had this week, we spoke of how to cope with the demands of daily life, how NOT to get anxious or worried. Firstly, make a promise to yourself to refrain from making any decisions based on fear or worry, as this changes from decisions made as a result of fear and worry about being chased by fear and worry. Secondly, prevent yourself from taking control of EVERYTHING that comes your way, sometimes you really need to let things GO AND FOLLOW YOUR GUT. If you are passionate about what you do, (there are few people my age who are fortunate to have such a blessing) then the bling and the dollars will be downstream. I have ALWAYS believed that.

If we allow our emotions to dwarf our intellect, our heart to rule our heads just for a little bit, the universe conspires to align success for you. That and a little bit of positive attitude and self-belief works wonders, a tool I subscribe to I mentioned in a previous blog regarding a positive mental diet:

The tough part is this. We choose a journey within our greater journey, we walk it, determined to make money, to get the shiny car, (specifically a Mustang ’69, black, beautiful all road domineering car)… slowly we start becoming UNeasy, not as driven, based on the continuous work for money mentality we find ourselves in.

“Even if you win the rat race, you still a rat”

-Robert Kiyosaki

Then we convince ourselves that THIS IS THE ONLY WAY, KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP! Before we know it, we end up close to 60 with a retirement plan that is not sufficient, a possible dis | ease or 2 lurking within our bodies due to stress and poor lifestyle and start wondering about that passion project we forgot about when we took the fork in the road on our journey. And to put the final nail in the coffin, we convince ourselves that we are ‘lucky‘ to have lived such a full and expressive life with our wonderful families, after all, there are people starving all over the world. – Close to broke, not being able to retire, and little to no time spent with our nearest and dearest, we cop out.

I say, live your bliss, be at EASE, make a little less money, not live in the biggest house for now, trust me if you chase love, joy, peace, fulfillment, ease and all those uplifting feelings, THE REST WILL FOLLOW! I assume that many will tell me to sniff the roses, and I DO THANK YOU, I am 100% knowledgeable of the blessings in every day and what i have to be grateful for as MANY are not as fortunate. My first 20 years of working life was a shocker when it came to smelling any roses in fact it was a bit of a stencher, and if I have learnt something from it and something which I pass on to any child who has time with me it is this.

My take on us and the simple life

  1. Be selfish, satisfy yourself first, for if you do , you WILL learn to serve many with a full cup of your own,
  2. Be a perfect expression of God’s/Universe/Source Energys breath on this planet earth as you were born perfect, made perfect by perfect to live perfect,
  3. Finally, live in ease – it is a BIG word packed in a small space, for if you live in ease and have gratitude; say thank you, you are most likely following your bliss and life is good.
When passion and desire collide

Debunking diet myths, the sizzling 7!

Debunking diet myths, the sizzling 7!

Besides the laughable truths we live.

Every day of coaching better health, brings about new astounding reasons for lack of success in any diet arena. The diet myths which have reached my ears, causes a number of reactions from within me – depending on my relationship with the storyteller, they may see these reactions, firstly I hit the floor rolling with laughter, secondly my mouth gaps, thirdly I get a blank stare in my eyes, absolute disbelief…. and finally and sadly so, I see myself reflected in them and I feel a sense of personal sadness for I too have used these ‘truths’ to escape my own diet failure…

There are 7 sizzling diet myths which I will be mentioning briefly as I do dissect it in detail later and so too cover it in my MMM course, but let’s start with a few minor hiccups and have a quick chat around these beauts.

Firstly, I hear people explaining ‘getting fat’ away purely by stating they have a BIG BONE STRUCTURE.… my shattered nerves, the majority of people are within average bone size and generally when you reside on the short size of life, your bones are smaller based on a scaled down body ratio, yes, bones CAN have a greater density which can make a difference in weight, but big bones are the least of our problems….

Then another one which brings tears to my eyes, “I have a genetical disposition to be fat” now yes, search long enough and you will find such a study that confirms that your fat genes are primary… there are rat families that are prone to being fat. But, and a big butt at that, three quarters of this population do not suffer from this gene defect but rather the defect of lifting a fork full to their mouths once too often whilst binge watching Game of Thrones.

And finally, my all time favorite, “Diets just don’t work for me!” And after my belly laugh has ended I ask politely “So, how is being fat WORKING OUT FOR YOU?“. Let me explain, we are all on diet 24/7, diet is the foodstuffs we eat on a daily basis whether it be a Mediterranean diet or a fast food diet, the only difference being; one might kill you while the other may save you. So, if diets don’t work you most likely will need intravenous feeding tubes to assist. If your diet ain’t working most likely it is you are not working your diet.

Question Always
Debunking diet myths

7 Sizzlers – Diet Myths

  1. Limit your range of foods and you will lose weight – what you do lose is bone, muscle, tissue, maybe some poop and a lot of water… your body needs balance in all vitamins and minerals, fats proteins AND Carbohydrates. Leave things out and trust me, the minute you put them back in your body your system CELEBRATES and packs it neatly away on your hips for a rainy day.
  2. All carbohydrates are bad – laughable is all I can say, you NEED carbs in your body, it is what helps cell structures remain in place. Now yes, certain carbs are your enemies for sure and to ensure your blood sugar stays regulated it is wise to keep them out as best possible but putting in the right carbs are totally beneficial to better health.
  3. Eat low fat or fat free – sure, why don’t you stay hungry??? And by supper time your 1000 Cal day turns into 3000 Cal due to starvation.
  4. Exercise to eat what you want – now here I may get massive push back, but this one I state based on my experience with over 800 dieters, you can NEVER outrun your fork. It may not show on your waist but your health including your heart muscle, will be compromised by poor eating standards.
  5. Some sugars are worse than others – all sugars are equal, when we try deciding which is better or worse we end up right were we started with lines being blurred. (Now yes, nature’s bitter sugars are really important in our bodies and I exclude them here). Yes, there is honey – my absolute favorite, a beautiful gift from nature, whereas high fructose corn syrup HFCS, is her evil twin for sure, but sugar when you are trying to rid your body of fat is sugar nonetheless – adding it to your diet shuts down fat burning for energy IMMEDIATELY.
  6. Drinking water before meals assists in fat loss – now this is an interesting one. Ever had a half a liter of water before a meal to help eat less (as that is the reasoning)? Can you recall the gut ache and discomfort? Let me share something, someone with a weight issue will plow through their plate regardless of half a liter of water prior to supper, unless they are coached in mindfulness water ain’t gonna do diddly squat. In fact that water is going to weaken your digestive juices and cause poor digestion and LESS nutrition from getting to the organs that require the vitamins and minerals. Water intake should be steady through the day.
  7. LAST BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST… It just takes willpower and discipline – bullsh*t. When large food conglomerates produce pseudo processed foods based on its addictability rating in salt sweet and fat combinations, do you honestly think that being fed this junk from the formulas we grew up on till the fast food fix of today that willpower has ANYTHING to do with it???

Ahhhh, diet myths, this is truly one of my favorite conversations and an area where I experience ample cognitive dissonance when I take it on with blaming and complaining clients who only receive my support in an explanation that their truth may not be THE TRUTH. I deal with it gently yet firmly, as the myths are truly a ditch of excuses, a safety blanket, a journey to failure, which is not my idea of the end destination for any of my clients.

EXTRA BONUS: Open your mind and take a sneak peak at this interesting documentary – ‘FED UP’ :

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